The Tape vs. RQM

CD * 2005-05-30

01  Canada
02  Heaven
03  Rainy Summer
04  Hip Hop Is Dead
05  And You
06  Lonely Planet Revisited
07  Nuclear Sunset
08  Minimal
09  Allow
10  Channel Zero
11  All About Tapes
12  Out

The first The Tape Album "Perpetual Dubbing" was released in early 2004 on Hamton Recordings and received raving reviews from national as well as international press. Instantly The Tape -- Robot Koch and Walera Goodman at that time -- were compared to artists such as Four Tet, DJ Shadow and Prefuse 73. Punk, Jazz, Hip Hop and electronic music were woven into something completely new, with Hip Hop as a connecting element.

The next step for The Tape was the use of live vocals. Thus for the "Autoreverse" recording sessions the New York spawned spoken word artist RQM was drafted. What was first meant to be just a featured artist type collaboration soon turned into a partnership (Walera Goodman had left The Tape due to his work as a producer). Out of the eclectic world of Robot's beats and RQM's warm rhymes emerged this broad-stroke impression of contemporary Electronic post Hip Hop music -- the Album "Autoreverse".

Whereas "Perpetual Dubbing" was meant to be a sort of compilation, a kind of bird's eye view of the connections between different styles, "Autoreverse" is more like a macro-lens slowly zooming into the world of the Hip Hop and the Intelligent Electronica Fusion. From Robot's rough Post-HipHop productions to the subversive lyrics of RQM best exemplified on "Hip Hop is dead" or "Nuclear Sunset" to the warm Soul/Electronica Song "Heaven", "Autoreverse" is a Hip Hop off-shoot literally - free from self-reference, revitalized and global.

The Tape press photo
Photo: Gene Glover
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