Various Artists
Futurism Ain't Shit To Me 2

CD/DLP * 2006-01

01  Soul Junk - Ungst Func Slag Collision
02  Forss - Soulhack
03  The Tape vs Infinite Livez - The Return Of The Menstruating Man (Data MC Rmx)
04  Sole - On Martyrdom
05  NQ - Disthant
06  Quasimoto - Come On Feet
07  Prince Po - Hold Dat (Club Mix)
08  Slum Village - Set It
09  Malcom Kipe - Common Like Baseball Cards
10  8-Bit - I-Deez
11  Daedelus - Missing
12  Jackson And His Computer Band - Rock On
13  Stacs Of Stamina - Tivoli
14  Otto von Schirach - Earjuice Synthesis (Jamie LidellŐs Hair Does Not Loose About This Hoose Remoox)
15  BUS feat. MC SoomT - Keep Life Right (Dabrye Rmx)
16  Pedestrian - O Silent Bed
17  General Electrics - Central Park

Alright, listen up! Here's the next part of our "Futurism Ain't Shit To Me" series. We have once again gathered the best alternative HipHop and Electronica artist we could find. With our first compilation we gave you an insight of what's it's all about. Now here's the best of abstract cuts, dirty beats, strange flows and soft harmonies that are out there right now. A collection of dirty old-school HipHop and cutting edge HipHop minimalists featuring outstanding artists such as Otto von Schirach, 8-Bit, General Electrics, Daedelus, Quasimoto, Forss, NQ, BUS feat. MC SoomT and many more. It's the shit!

"Futurism ... is experimental but enjoyable. It's alternative but it's got melodies. It's electronic but so fucking warm. Sure, there are strange noises, beeps and whirrs, but it's in there because it makes the song better, not just because the artist thought it would best express the infernal discontent of eternal loneliness (because the two should mutually apply). The tracklisting is so good -- I haven't enjoyed a record as much as this for a long time. Hats off to the good people at KYO." Tom Scales,

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